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Solaraze price uk This is an article published in our print edition of the New Indian Express in April, 2012. On 8 April, as the world watched in horror as a tsunami price of solaraze gel overwhelmed Japanese wharfages in the Port Arthur tourist resort, an anonymous post on news portal Reddit made the round. post, titled, "What are Japanese people supposed to do in the event of this?," asked Indians to "think of a way prepare for the worst." The post, a copy of which The Sunday Express has, was shared over 5 lakh times, and it has come to be seen by millions as an Indian community's collective response to a crisis that, for too long, has left us to fend for ourselves. The post was one of many on Reddit as people grappled with the tsunami, deadliest disaster to hit Japan in modern times. "To put it simply, I was just hoping Indians could help with other countries' disaster scenarios," user bg_jason wrote. The post, which has been deleted, sparked intense debate about the state of Indian preparedness, and whether the nation is prepared enough to save lives elsewhere. and whether the nation is prepared enough to save lives elsewhere. Some defended Japanese people. "I'm an Indian, but I'm still saddened by how ignorant they are. It's the worst-case scenario for Japan, but it's not the worst-case scenario for India either...," wrote user vicki_saralak. Rajneeshpande, a user identified only as an Indian, said, "Indian people are not the first to face disasters, nor the last. So Where to buy solaraze gel please don't think that our countrymen are helpless compared to people in the other countries. When it comes to coping with anything, we're the first ones to suffer! And then make everyone else suffer even more! I cannot say for sure whether you're not from (the) Indian subcontinent, or simply a person from completely different culture." User krshishn is perhaps the country's most eloquent commentator on the issue. "When disaster comes, I want Indians to think about preparedness. Let's see how we are prepared for a potential nuclear attack by the Chinese. If India cannot protect its borders and population, it should not be a country," he wrote. "I'm a proud Indian so I'm really sad about it. I mean, really," he added. "This is not my first experience with the tsunami," user ashwin_kumar wrote. "My grandparents were also killed in the 2004 tsunami. first year, a couple of million Indians are displaced. I was lucky enough to escape in the first tsunami wave. But if anyone else fails to do that, this is going to happen them too. I hope we will all do what can to help a lot more people." But others, who had been on the receiving end of this disaster, felt that Indian communities had not done enough. "I think the only person I have in common with a Japanese is my grandmother, who still alive. I cannot recall the name of a single Japanese person I know. can't even remember their real names. All I know is that they were killed and my own family were left penniless and without a home," wrote user u/nishataket. Others felt that Indian communities were not even thinking about such a devastating event, let alone taking adequate measures to prepare.

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